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Welcome! This is a modern platform in which you can invest your funds and also provides tools to grow your network globally. We offer an investment strategy that allows you to make daily profits even on weekends.

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min. $10

Daily: $1.7

Principal/NET: $11.9

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Get 119% income in 7 Days!
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    Investment strategy.
  2. Reliable protection from DDoS
    attacks and secure access firewalls.
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    Passive income generation.

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Participating in digital asset exchanges is the core business of XWEEKS. Our traders often resort to short positions because they generate the highest profits thanks to the integration of automated tools and powerful interest rate algorithms that can generate profits in seconds.

At XWEEKS, we use a combination approach involving high-frequency trading strategies, combining human expertise with artificial intelligence to maximize results.

The emergence of NFTs has had a significant impact on the cryptocurrency recovery. NFTs combine digital innovation and collectible art, which has led to significant improvements in the way we generate profits. With these groundbreaking innovations, XWEEKS has strengthened its position in online investing by always staying on the cutting edge.

The core business of XWEEKS is trading digital assets. Our traders often prefer short positions as they provide the most favorable results. This is possible thanks to the use of automated tools and reliable algorithms to calculate complex interest transactions that can generate profits in seconds.

To achieve the best results at XWEEKS, we utilize a variety of high-frequency trading strategies, combining human expertise with machine learning.

The company is actively attracting new investors and expanding its investment network. XWEEKS is constantly improving its structure to maximize returns for participants, ensuring a dynamic and stable flow of capital within the platform. We strive to optimize our investment process and structuring, which allows us to not only attract new participants but also provide capital growth, promising that investments double every two months.

To start earning 17% daily with XWEEKS you will need to set up your account. And there's no need to go through the identity verification (KYC) process here. Simply set up your Bitcoin, TRC20 (USDT) or Tron wallets in your profile, go to the "Investing" section, view your expected investment returns and specify your deposit amount. Then securely make the payment in the "Account" section.

Once the payment is made in the digital currency of your choice, the platform will track your transaction. Once you receive 1-3 confirmations from the network, your deposit will be credited to your account. From that point, you will start making profits for the next 7 calendar days, and you can withdraw them at your convenience. Making significant profits with XWEEKS is so easy!


The XWEEKS investment plan was conceived with the dual purpose of providing unprecedented returns and maintaining the financial stability of the platform. It promises a quick daily return of 17% including principal, allowing investors to recoup their initial investment in just 5 days. The 7-day cycle has been strategically designed to establish an efficient investment pace, ensuring that investments are doubled every two months.


min. $10

Daily: $1.7

Principal/NET: $11.9

The title XWEEKS draws inspiration from an ancient Scandinavian word that translates to "transformation". This concept emphasizes our adaptive and dynamic approach to life and markets. Each "week" symbolizes a new opportunity, reflecting evolution and expansion. It symbolizes our journey of constant growth and our never-ending quest for financial excellence.

Like the ancient mariners who always had a "star stone" to navigate through uncharted waters, XWEEKS is your trusted guide in the complex world of trading. We epitomize the convergence of opportunity and strategic direction, promising profitable ventures in an ever-changing financial landscape.

We are fully concerned about protecting the privacy and safety of all our participants. Every technical aspect of our business is treated with the utmost seriousness and importance.

Each of our clients is guaranteed the best possible security measures within our platform. We thoroughly encrypt participants' confidential information and store it in a DDoS-protected data center located in a secure jurisdiction. This ensures complete privacy and security of personal data.

Our finance team works vigilantly, constantly monitoring withdrawal requests and utilizing manual security protocols as well as cold storage systems. This thorough approach ensures that your funds and privacy are as safe as possible, providing strong protection against unauthorized access and fraudulent activity.

Bitcoin has quickly become an important element of our lives, redefining our perception of finance and the current economic landscape. There is no other asset that has witnessed such an impressive rise in value since the advent of digital currencies. Despite the missed opportunities, it is important to recognize the immense potential that is still present in the cryptocurrency sphere.

The world of digital investing is characterized by a high degree of volatility. However, with the use of sophisticated technology such as OpenAI, it is possible to succeed even during periods of market decline, thanks to a deep understanding of the market and extensive experience.


Encourage new members and earn affiliate rewards on every deposit made by your referrals.

Proactive elite marketers who achieve a combined team turnover of $100K or more are eligible to become official representatives of the XWEEKS platform, unlocking an extended 7-2-1% reward. Dedicated support for network clients and expedited resolution of technical issues guaranteed!

*Instant 7-2-1% representative status on team turnover of $100k.





Become a member of our platform by registering with a separate username, email address and strong password. The registration process is simple and straightforward.


Initiate a deposit

Start your journey to passive income by adding funds to the platform. Choose your investment amount and payment method.


Generate daily profits

Watch your invested capital earn daily profits effortlessly. The system works continuously, ensuring that profits are accrued every day 24 hours after the deposit creation date.


Get access to your profits

Transfer your profits to your personal wallet at your convenience. Or you can reinvest them to grow your deposit collection.

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Live Payouts

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It's a modern digital investment platform equipped with tools to expand your network worldwide.

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Popular topics

What is the return on my investment?

You can expect a daily return of 17% for a total investment duration of 7 calendar days. Profits are generated by including your principal deposit in your earnings, resulting in an investment return of 119% (19% NET + 100% of principal). Full ROI is achieved in as little as 5 days.

Are there any restrictions on access to my account?

Your account is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year via the internet. You can track all activities, including investments, withdrawals, interest accrual, balance statistics, referral earnings and an up-to-date list of deposits, in real time. We recommend that you access your account from a specific device or physical location at all times to avoid triggering our security protocols, which may identify your account as a duplicate.

I can't log in, how do I reset my password?

If you are having trouble logging in, start by using the "Restore Access" feature. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact our support center with the required personal and account information. Make sure you use the email address registered in your account to contact our team.

Who is eligible to join your program?

Individuals and companies from any country can register an account with us. We are open to accept investors from all over the world.

What is the limit to create an account?

First, you need to register to become a member. Once registered, use your username and password to log in to your account and you will be able to make your first investment. Select "Invest" from your account menu, choose your preferred payment method and follow the simple steps on the page to complete your investment.

How do I withdraw my earnings?

Click on the "Withdrawal" area on your dashboard and specify your payout amount. To withdraw your profit, you need to specify the cryptocurrency address you want to send your profit to in the payment system settings. You can check the details on the "Settings" page.

What is the processing time for withdrawal requests?

The withdrawal process will take 24 hours. You can see the countdown timer to withdrawal processing on the transaction history page. We process withdrawals even on non-business days. A maximum of 3 withdrawals can be in processing status at a time.

What are the minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts?

A minimum withdrawal value of $5 is required to request funds from your available balance. The amount will always be equal to this amount in cryptocurrency at the current exchange rate. However, because of the hefty network cost, the minimum withdrawal amount while using Bitcoin is $50.