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  • The withdrawal process will take 24 hours. You can see the countdown timer until the withdrawal is processed on the transaction history page. We process withdrawals even on non-business days. A maximum of 3 withdrawals can be in processing status at a time.
  • You must send a request from your current email address to to update your wallet. Please specify your old and new wallet when requesting.
  • Reinvestment is under your control and completely manual, providing you with the flexibility to manage your investment strategy.
  • Your initial investment is included in your daily returns, providing a simplified return process without having to wait for your principal to be returned at the end of the cycle. Every day, around the clock your investments work for you, promising a seamless and efficient learning experience. This results in a return on investment of 119% (19% NET + 100% principal). Full ROI is achieved in just 5 days.
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