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How many accounts can I create?

There is no limit to the number of accounts you can create. However, it is very important to make sure that these accounts are not linked by a referral link on any of the three levels of the affiliate program. If this condition is violated, the firm reserves the right to revoke access to any money in these profiles immediately and without warning.

Are there any restrictions on access to my account?

The online interface allows you to access your account 365 days a year and around the clock. All account activity including investments, withdrawals, interest earned, balance statistics, affiliate earnings and current deposit list can be easily tracked. All these activities are updated in real time.

I am having difficulty logging in. How do I get my password back?

If you are having trouble logging in, please try the "Restore Access" option first. Please contact our support center and provide relevant personal and account information if it is insufficient. Use the email address to contact our staff.

Who is eligible to participate in your program?

People and companies from all over the world are cordially invited to participate in our program. No matter where you are from, opening an account with us is easy and we welcome investors from all over the world.

What should I do if my secure 2FA is forgotten?

If this happens, use the contact form on our website to reach our customer service team. To verify your identity, support staff may request specific information about recent profile activity or ask security-related questions.

Can I add or change my payment information?

You must send a request from your old email address to to update your wallet. Please include your old and new wallet when requesting.

Do I have the option to delete my account?

No, it is not possible to delete a user account. To protect user privacy, all account information is encrypted and is not accessible to other users or corporate personnel. Since this information cannot be used for any purpose other than that to which the user has expressly consented, deleting an account is both pointless and technically impossible.

What forms of payment are accepted for deposits?

We now work with Bitcoin, Tron and USDT (TRC20) as payment methods.

What is the minimum deposit possible?

The required minimum investment is only 10 dollars. We accept overpayments and underpayments when processing invoices. The maximum amount allowed for one single investment transaction is $120,000. There is also a limit of $1,000,000 per user's investment portfolio.

What returns should I expect from my investments?

During the investment period of 7 calendar days you will receive a daily return of 17%. The net return over the entire cycle is 19%, with no return of principal. The total return on investment is 119% with the principal deposit included in your payments (19% NET + 100% principal). The total investment break-even point is reached in 5 days.

How long will my deposit last?

Your investment will start working as soon as the deposit is credited to your account and will be active for 7 calendar days (including Monday through Sunday). Both can have as many active deposits as you wish, profits from each will be credited separately.

How can I get my transaction history?

Login to your account and go to the "Transactions" option to view the history and different types of transactions made.

Will my initial deposit be refunded after completing the 17x7 cycle?

No, the deposit from your first investment is already included in your daily income. As a consequence, your investment will be closed without a refund after 7 calendar days. Over 7 calendar days, the 17% daily return is 119% (19% NET + 100% principal).

How can I increase or reinvest my income?

To reinvest your earnings, select the "REINVEST" icon located next to your Available Balance. Follow the same steps as you would for a regular deposit. While this method does not directly increase your earnings, it does eliminate the need to withdraw funds before making a new deposit. Immediate reinvestment begins, and your deposit starts earning you money as soon as you make a deposit.

What is the procedure for making an initial deposit?

Before you can make a deposit, you must register as a member. Use your username and password to log into your account and make your first investment after completing your registration. Click "Invest" from the account menu, select your preferred payment method and follow the simple on-screen instructions to make your deposit.

Can I make new investments whenever it's convenient for me?

Absolutely! You have the option to create multiple deposits using different payment methods. There is no maximum number of deposit slots available. Once your account payment is confirmed, your investments will be credited after three network confirmations.

How long does it take for funds to be credited to my company account after funds transfer?

The time it takes for your deposit to be credited depends on the blockchain network and typically involves three confirmations. In rare cases, your investment may not show up for a few hours. In this case, check your account balance after some time.

Can I deposit money in one currency and get paid in another?

No, you can only invest and earn in one cryptocurrency on one deposit.

How do I withdraw my earnings?

To withdraw your earnings, go to the "Withdrawal" section on your dashboard and enter the amount you want to withdraw. Confirm the request and make sure that you have specified the cryptocurrency address to receive your earnings in the payment system settings. You can conveniently specify these data on the "Settings" page.

What is the timeframe for processing withdrawal requests?

The withdrawal process up to 24 hours. We process withdrawals even on non-business days. You can have a maximum of three payments in processing status at the same time.

When is the optimal time to withdraw my profits?

Your account will be credited 24 hours after your deposit. Subsequent deposits are made at the same time each day, usually within two to three minutes. You can request a profit withdrawal at any time that suits you. Simply log in to your account, click the "Withdraw" button. Once the transaction is complete, your profits will be sent to your specified address within the specified time period.

What are the minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts?

A minimum withdrawal value of $5 is required to request funds from your available balance. The amount will always be equal to this amount in cryptocurrency at the current exchange rate. However, because of the hefty network cost, the minimum withdrawal amount while using bitcoin is $50.

Can I withdraw money on weekends?

Of course! You can request payment on weekends. Even on weekends, we still provide a withdrawal service.

Who is eligible to participate in your platform's affiliate program?

Our affiliate program is accessible to anyone who registers on the Xweeks website. The affiliate program is intended to provide technical solutions and monetary incentives to active promoters who desire to contribute to the development of our company and earn fair compensation for their efforts.

How soon do the affiliate incentives become available?

The system validates and activates your partner's deposit before crediting the affiliate incentive.

How can I keep track of my total quantity of referrals?

Log into your account and navigate to the "Affiliates" section. There you will find a comprehensive inventory of your downlines, complete with all of their deposits and the corresponding affiliate commissions credited to you.

Will every deposit made by my referral qualify for an affiliate bonus?

Yes, including any reinvestments, you will get an affiliate bonus for any deposit made by your referrals. All three tiers of the network's affiliate commission structure function on a 5-2-1% basis.

Is a deposit required to receive an affiliate bonus?

No, an active investment is not required to start promoting the platform and earning referral commissions. Simply create an account and refer users to the platform using your unique affiliate link.

Are there any limitations on the affiliate bonus's ability to make money?

Your potential profits as an affiliate are unrestricted. Your potential commission increases with the amount of deposits made by your referrals.

How can I sign up to represent the XWEEKS Platform?

You must generate a $100,000 Team turnover and have 10 members at the first tier in order to be granted Representative Status in the Affiliate Program.

Can I actively assist my peers and family with account registration and management?

To maintain account integrity and prevent potential issues with our security system, it is recommended that you do not assist team members with the registration process or administer their profiles directly.